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Relish all your Indian food you favorite kurkuri bhindi, delicious samosas, dhoklas, handvo, french fires, khaandvis and many more without worrying about health. Fagun oil gives your food a home made taste, but with a healthy twist!

It was in 2005 that we began our journey, a journey where we never thought to look back. We felt that 'Ghar ka khana' can be Delicious and we wanted everyone to taste that deliciousness that's where we started FAGUN. FAGUN has helped take care of thousands of souls on its mission to make India heart healthy.

Why Fagun Redined Oil?

Our oil is infused with rich vitamins and retains it's natural aroma, we extract the oil with the traditional processing at high stable temperatures which makes it ideal of home cooking.

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Know What are we made of!

The goodness of soybean and the healthy refinement process makes for food and life more safe. Our oil is highly nutritious and rich in vitamins.

Light and healthy

Easy to digest

Enriched with Vitamins

Our oil is rich in vitamin C and E

Promotes Heart Health

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Complements Your Fitness

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